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Cartoon Caricatures

The term caricature essentially means “a loaded portrait”. The term is set to originate in Italy and an early definition was found in Dr Thomas Browne’s Christian Morals. The idea is that you take a picture and exaggerate certain facial features and other characteristics, giving people the chance to laugh at themselves in a fun and good natured way!

What makes a good caricature?

The best caricature artists will be able to look at a photo and study the distinct features of the person in question. However while the point of a caricature is to exaggerate certain features it should not be excessive as this can make the picture seem too cartoonish or could be perceived as mocking the subject rather than allowing them to laugh along and share the joke.

Broadly speaking an artist looks for three things-

  1. Likeness- The picture needs to be recognisable as its subject. If an artist has not achieved this then the effect of the caricature will not work.
  2. Exaggeration- While getting the likeness right is important you need to be sure that the picture is not too realistic. The whole point is to find some way to exaggerate the features or else you have a less realistic looking portrait!
  3. Statement- It is not enough to draw someone with a big nose or chin! The idea is that the artist makes a statement with what they draw, finding something that not only exaggerates the physical characteristics of a person but also captures their personality as well..

Why would I want to get a caricature?

A caricature can make a great gift- it is a great way for friends to share in jokes with each other or as a fun joke prize to give at an office party. You can also hire a caricature artist to do on the spot pictures at events such as weddings or birthday parties as an alternative memento for a special occasion.

You can also have different themes to highlight special interests of people. Equally you may want one for yourself, for example you may have just moved into your house and you want something different and quirky to make your house feel more like a home.

The point is that whatever the reason it is something that is a bit of light hearted fun that can add something different to your photo collection or your mementos at home, as well as being a unique gift people will definitely remember.

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Whether you want to see a quirky version of your best friend or want to create a team photo with a difference Mal’s Cartoon Caricatures can offer a unique and fun way to celebrate good times, share a private joke with your best friend and generally add a bit of fun to a whole range of special occasions. For more information go to the site and find out more about the full range of services that Mal’s Cartoon Caricatures has to offer.

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